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7 Golden Design Rules

  1. Determine the purpose of the room.Considering your lifestyle, hobbies, schedule create a plan of your “must have” premises. Sometimes just minor changes able to add a new wardrobe or home office.
  2. Mood and character.Think through  what mood you would like to create in your home and how to feel yourself there,relaxed or energetic.
  3. Balance and symmetry.Focus on pair furniture or decor, to create symmetric perception or highlight your antisymmetric part of the house.
  4. Color and texture.When choose the colors don’t forget to consider the texture in conjunction.
  5. Lighting. Use the natural light as much as possible ,apply the artificial light to create an accent and atmosphere.
  6. Details and decor. That is all that make the home “your home”. Try to imagine in your mind the completed result.
  7. Your favorite and personal favorites.We all have our favorites things, that reflect our individuality and evoke positive emotions. Apply it to your interior as an accent or wall decor.

Create your own unrepeatable stylish design for your home, following golden rules of Design.